Pic of the Day – Telephone Duty

BT iconic red Kiosk set to sail the high seas onboard HMS Westminster – Sailors from HMS Westminster wait for the ship’s Captain to finish his call in the newly arrived red telephone kiosk. Today, 15th March 2013, BT today handed over one of its iconic red kiosks to the Royal Navy ship HMS Westminster by Chief Executive Officer of Payphones, Mr Steven Hughes. The red payphone will be placed on deck whenever the ship is in port, both in the UK and around the world. The K6 kiosk will assume duties when it joins the Navy, becoming an integral part of the internal communications of the frigate and will be used as the quartermaster’s telephone whenever the ship is docked. HMS Westminster is alongside HMS Belfast in London until 18th March for a series of high profile engagements. (Photo by Guy Pool)

[Image courtesy of the UK Royal Navy Flickr Stream.]

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