The Confederate Navy Jack Is Not The Confederate Flag – Part 2

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First CSA national flag with 11 stars (July 2, 1861 – November 28, 1861)

The Confederacy had different flags for different things – the navy had a flag, the army had a flag, and the government had a flag. And to confuse things, they kept changing the flags around. The “Stars and Bars” is also known as the “First National Flag.”

The flag above is actually the “Stars and Bars.” The number of stars varied with the number of states coming out of the Union. So there was a seven star flag, an eleven star flag, which is the one above, with one star for each of the Confederate States, and later the standard thirteen star flag. All of the Southern states including Maryland (which never actually seceded), Missouri and Kentucky, had regiments on both sides of the conflict — with the exception of South Carolina. General William Tecumseh Sherman’s personal bodyguard was a troop of Alabama horse.

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