HMS Hunter, Sunk During First Battle of Narvik 10 April 1940, Found in One Thousand Feet of Water – Part 28

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Official Commemoration of Locating the wreck of HMS Hunter

Wreaths to be added over the
resting place of HMS Hunter.
British naval vessels participating in
the commemoration of Ofotfjorden.

According to NRK news network in Norway, over one thousand soldiers and sailors from Great Britain and Norway took part in the memorial service honoring the gallant Royal Navy officers and ratings who perished aboard HMS Hunter on 10 April 1940.

The First and Second Battles of Narvik were but the beginning of a long series of naval battles fought by the Royal Navy against the Germans and Italians. It was a very close run thing but in the end the Royal Navy prevailed. We owe them a lot.

The British Navy was honored Saturday the 95 soldiers who disappeared into the depths of HMS Hunter in April 1940.

[Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Images courtesy of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.]

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