Nazis Invented Most Weapons We Use Today

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Nazis Invented Most Weapons We Use Today

A crew moves the V-1 Flying Bomb to it’s launch ramp.

Although most of us are unaware of this, the German military in the Second World War invented and used the prototypes of most of the modern weapons we use today including: the cruise missile, the ballistic missile, night vision goggles, the assault rifle, the swept wing jet aircraft, air to surface guided missiles, surface to air missiles, air to air missiles, and many others which I will write about in due course.

There is an excellent piece in Daily Kos about the V-1. The first paragraph is below. In what is known as the “Baby Blitz,” V-1s launched against Great Britain killed almost 15,000 British civilians compared to 45,000 in the Great Blitz of 1940.

Hat tip to loyal blog reader Gary B. for sending me this.

Long before the day of the Chance-Vought SSM-N-8 Regulus, the prototypical submarine-launched cruise missile, and the present-day, incredibly effective BMG-1019 Tomahawk, there was the V-1. This was a ‘terror weapon’ that might not have won the Second World War, but could have delayed the inevitable, if not for some very poor operational decisions by the German High Command.

[Source: Daily Kos. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.]

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