US Marines Not Always Heroes – Part 3

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Brooklyn Marine Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife, Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, were slain in their California home.

To watch while men you know rape your wife in front of you knowing you are both going to soon be murdered is a torment none of us can understand or fathom. What goes through the minds of the men who are committing such a crime? And committing that crime against persons they actually know?

The four ex-Marines are scheduled to stand trial on 28 January 2013. (Since the crime was not committed on military property, the men are being tried by a civilian court.) Not everyone can live up to the high expectations the Corps has of its Marines. And when men, and women, who are trained to kill, turn that skill onto their fellow soldiers or civilians, the results are often horrific.

Herryka Pietrzak-Vegas, the mother of murdered Marine Sgt. Pawel Pietrzak with the flag used to cover his coffin.

[Source: Los Angeles Times. Image courtesy of NY Daily News and NY Daily News.]

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