Three Queens Named Mary – Part 1

/Three Queens Named Mary – Part 1

Three Queens Named Mary – Part 1

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The Queen Mary, sister ship of the Lion and the Princess Royal and capable of a speed of 28 1/2 knots an hour. The modern British battle cruiser was sunk in 1916 about half an hour after the battle of Jutland was fully joined. The booms folded back against the hull of the ship were used to hold the heavy anti-torpedo netting used to protect the ship at anchor.

Battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary was the sister ship of HMS Lion, flagship of the Battlecruiser Squadron. They were very fast ships for the era and both were capable of making more than 30 knots an hour. Queen Mary was sunk thirty minutes into the Battle of Jutland (31 May 1916 – 1 June 1916) when she was struck by German shellfire and blew up. Her crew losses were appalling: in just a few minutes 1,266 officers and ratings died. Only eighteen members of the crew survived.

31 May 1916 Destruction of the battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary at the Battle of Jutland.

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