Fisherman Finds Old World War Two Bomb and It Subsequently Kills 21 People. On Purpose.

Vintage Advertising – Ministry of Defence – Unexploded Bomb

I write about this subject a lot, I know. But it fascinates me that so much deadly ordnance from World War Two is still found all over Europe along with unexploded ordnance from World War One. This, however, is the most unusual story I have read.

From the Scotsman of Tuesday 13 November 2012:

Italy has arrested a fisherman for supplying more than a ton of TNT recovered from unexploded Second World War bombs to the Mafia, which used it in a wave of explosions that killed 21 people two decades ago.

Cosimo D’Amato, 57, was held on the basis of testimony from turncoat Palermo mob boss Gaspare Spatuzza, who told investigators he had helped collect the explosives at a port near Sicily’s capital in 1992.

Notice from Thornham, UK online scrapbook.

[Source: The Scotsman. Images courtesy of Original Metal Signs and the Thornham Online Scrapbook.]

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