Winston Churchill’s Favorite Portrait of Himself

/Winston Churchill’s Favorite Portrait of Himself

Winston Churchill’s Favorite Portrait of Himself

Painting of Winston Churchill by William Orpen, 1916

“It is not the picture of a man. It is the picture of a man’s soul,” said Churchill to the artist, Sir William Orpen. Churchill sat for him eleven times in 1916. This was just after he had been forced out of his Cabinet post of First Lord of the Admiralty as a sop to public opinion for the disastrous Gallipoli campaign (February 1915 – January 1916) by Prime Minister Asquith. (Himself later ousted from the office of Prime Minister by Lloyd George.)

A Royal Commission of Investigation into the Gallipoli Campaign later exonerated Churchill but history has stuck him with responsibility for it. The portrait is now on loan to the National Portrait Gallery in London from the Churchill family according to this piece on Churchill and the portrait here.

[Source and Image: The Churchill Centre and Museum at the Churchill War Rooms London.]

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