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James Bond Dies

Sean Connery will always be James Bond to me. I saw the early Bond movies as a lad and they all starred Sean Connery as the impeccable, unflappable, licensed to kill, James Bond. I don’t drink martinis but like many people who saw the early Bond movies I will always remembered that James Bond ordered his martinis “shaken not stirred.” I have no idea what difference that made and neither have any of the half-dozen bartenders I have asked over my life-time.

I’m a bit late with this news, I admit, since this article ran on the BBC site on 14 October 2003. Nonetheless, I came across this while browsing through the BBC archives instead of looking for a job which is what I am supposed to be doing.

Bond Inspiration Dies

One of Scotland’s most remarkable wartime adventurers has died in the West Highlands, at the age of 90.

Patrick Dalzel-Job ran special operations in Norway in World War II.

Later in the war he joined the future writer, Ian Fleming, as part of a reconnaissance team in France, Belgium, and Germany – often far in advance of Allied lines.

Commander Dalzel-Job was said to have been the inspiration for Fleming’s most famous character, James Bond – a suggestion he himself played down.

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore and Sean Connery as Agent 007, James Bond in 1964′s Goldfinger. How the producers got away with this in the early 1960s I will never know but James Bond’s love interest in Goldfinger was named “Pussy Galore.”

[Source: BBC. Images courtesy of A Suitable Wardrobe and Zimbio.]

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