Churchill’s Political Career Almost Ended in 1916 because of he Disastrous Gallipoli Campaign of World War One

Australian actor Mark Lee portraying ANZAC soldier Archy Hamilton at the moment of his death in a senseless charge against Turkish trenches in the brilliant Peter Weir film, Gallipoli. This freeze frame image ends the movie and is deeply shocking. Perhaps it was more deeply shocking when I saw it in 1981 when it was originally released. Movies have gotten a lot more bloody since then.

We Americans generally know less about World War One than World War Two because American participation in World War One is rarely a subject portrayed in popular culture. If we know anything, it usually comes from watching a brilliant movies such as Gallipoli by Australian director Peter Weir. This movie, released in 1981, stars a young Mel Gibson and a young Mark Lee. For whatever reason, Gibson went onto fame and Lee did not.

Mark Lee stars as Archy Hamilton and Mel Gibson stars as Frank Dunne in Paramount Pictures’ Gallipoli. The pyramids are in the background of the photo on the upper right because the ANZAC forces were training in Egypt prior to being sent into combat.

[Images courtesy of Podcast Film Review and Gallipoli Movie Stills.]

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