The Breakout Of The 1st Marines From The Chosin Reservoir: An American Epic Of Courage – Part 28

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The photography of David Douglas Duncan

US Marines passing bodies of fallen comrades during the grim retreat from the Changjin Reservoir after being cut off by a surprise attack by Chinese troops during the Korean War in December 1950.

The photographer is alive and well at age 96. How he managed to come through so many ways and incredible adventures is beyond imagining. You can read more about the extraordinary life of war photographer David Douglas Duncan at Time Magazine.

US Marines resting in a foxhole while awaiting a North Korean counterattack near the Naktong River in August 1950.

An upset young Marine is comforted after the jeep he was driving hit a landmine around the Naktong River in August 1950.

[Images courtesy of Time Magazine.]

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