“Tell them I lied.” – A Politician Who Was An Honest Crook – Part 1

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Photo of Earl Long, undated, in his office at the state capitol.

Earl Long, a member of the famous political family who dominated politics in the great State of Louisiana for generations, was an honest crook. During one of his successful campaigns for Governor, he made a promise to a lobbyist for the movie theater industry to repeal a two percent tax on movie tickets.

This lobbyist subsequently worked like a Trojan to get Mr. Earl elected. The lobbyist assured theater owners that the repeal of the two percent tax was a done deal were Mr. Earl to become governor. Upon hearing this happy news, the group gave a handsome reward to the lobbyist — before the election and before the promised repeal of the tax. A foolish mistake as we shall see. This is Louisiana, often described as the northernmost of the Banana Republics.

[Image courtesy of A Boat Against The Current.]

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