Hitler Almost Assassinated: German Bomb Explodes in Munich in 1939 – Part 3

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Bürgerbräu beer cellar at Munich after a bomb exploded in an attempt on Hitler’s life. Daily Express, London, Thursday November 9th, 1939.

From the Daily Express of London:

6 dead, 60 hurt: Reported attempt with time-bomb

27 Minutes after Hitler ended a hysterical speech in the Bürgerbräu beer cellar at Munich last night – A speech in which he cried that he was ready for a five-years’ war with Britain – the building was shaken by an explosion which killed six members of the “old guard” of the Nazi Party & injured sixty others.

Hitler had already left & was not hurt. He left earlier than he originally intended as he was summoned back to Berlin by important state business.

The identities of the dead & injured are unknown, it is officially states, says the British United Press from Berlin this morning.

Police admitted that the explosion was due to an “explosive body,” not to a defective boiler, as was suggested at first. The official statement says that the outrage was inspired by foreign agents, & a reward of £20,000 has been offered for the delivery of the perpetrators.

[Source and Image: WW2 Resource.]

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