Hitler Almost Assassinated: German Bomb Explodes in Munich in 1939 – Part 1

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Nazi Party event in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich, circa 1923. Photo courtesy of the German National Archive.

In this beer hall, a gathering place for Nazi Party hoodlums, Hitler launched his infamous and short lived Beer Hall Putsch on 8 November 1923. Under the Third Reich it became a shrine to National Socialism. Hitler spoke to his Alte Kameraden (old comrades) in this beer hall each year on the anniversary of the event. On 8 November 1939, Hitler gave his speech earlier in the evening than he normally did. Only thirty minutes after he gave his speech and left the Bürgerbräukeller, a bomb went off next to the speaker’s platform, killing six or seven Alte Kameraden and wounding dozens of others. Had Hitler given his speech as the usual time he would have been killed. It is a great misfortune to mankind that he left early.

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