2500 bombs unexploded Allied bombs in Munich – Part 1

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A fireball in the night. In Munich on 29 August 2012, the municipal authorities detonated a bomb leftover from World War II. The bomb had been discovered at a construction site in the center of the city.

There are thought to be 2500 bombs unexploded Allied bombs in Munich. The Germans complain a lot about how the Anglo-Americans bombed the Reich and many Americans who don’t know their history find it shocking or express concern about the Anglo-American bombing offensive in World War Two. First, the Germans started World War Two and also declared war on the United States. Second,  Lest we forget, Munich was the headquarters of the Nazi Party and the city was a Nazi stronghold. Konzentrationslager Dachau was located ten miles from Munich.

Because the city was a major rail junction, manufacturing center and population center, we leveled it. Factories throughout Germany used starving slave labor so its not as if German workers didn’t know about the atrocities going on.

[Source and Image: Der Spiegel.]

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