Prince Philip Made Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom

The Queen and Prince Philip endured four hours in the wind and rain onboard the Spirit of Chartwell during the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on June 3. HRH Prince Philip is in the uniform of Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy.

The Queen has conferred the title and office of Lord High Admiral of the Navy on HRH Duke of Edinburgh on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

The Queen, who has been titular head of the navy since 1964, has given the title to the duke, who gave up his naval career to support her.

Prince Philip joined the navy in 1939 and was the best cadet at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth that year. But he quit in 1951 after marrying the then Princess Elizabeth.

I’m running this post a little late since this happened on 10 June 2011 according to the BBC. However, I didn’t know about this and only found out when I recently looked something up about the Royal Navy. During that research I came across this story on the BBC and I liked it.

[Source: BBC. Image courtesy of the Daily Mail.]

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