Churchill Wearing His Self-Designed “Siren Suit”

/Churchill Wearing His Self-Designed “Siren Suit”

Churchill Wearing His Self-Designed “Siren Suit”

Winston Churchill in his “Siren Suit.”

So called because he often wore it during air raids which mainly occurred at night and it was easy to slip on. Writing in the Paris Review, Jason Diamond says:

…his greatest sartorial triumph was the zip-up, all-in-one “siren suit,” which Singer’s book points out was conceived and designed by Churchill before World War II.

…While the suits did make the prime minister look like he was gearing up for an air raid, they may have also been the single most comfortable article of clothing worn by a world leader while commanding an army in the history of modern warfare.

[Source: Winston Churchill, Man of Style by Jason Diamond. Image courtesy of the Paris Review.]

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