First US Navy African-American Pilot A Hero In Korean War – Part 3

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Ensign Jesse Brown died bravely and upheld the highest traditions of the US Naval Service. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service to the nation in the Korean War. Details of his career can be found at the US Navy History and Heritage site.

In 1973, the US Navy commissioned the frigate Jesse L Brown which served the fleet until 1994. Details on the ship may be found at the US Navy History and Heritage site.

USS Jesse L. Brown (DE-1089) underway off the Maine coast. Photograph was received in January 1979. US Naval Historical Center Photograph.

For crash-landing his own plane and risking his life to rescue his wingman, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Thomas J. Hudner, USN was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1951 and received the award at the White House from President Harry Truman on 13 April 1951. You can find more on Lt. Hudner and his subsequent naval career at the US Navy History and Heritage site.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Thomas J. Hudner, USN Receives the Medal of Honor from President Harry S. Truman, in ceremonies held at the White House, Washington, DC. Among the others present were members of LtJG Hudner’s family, Rear Admiral Robert L. Dennison, USN, (at left) and Secretary of the Navy Francis P. Matthews (standing immediately behind and above RAdm. Dennison). Photograph is dated 13 April 1951. Official US Navy Photograph, Naval History & Heritage Command collection.

[Source: Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea, 1950 by Martin Russ. Image courtesy of the US Naval History & Heritage Command and the US Naval History & Heritage Command.]

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