Christian Bale’s Assistant Accuses Him of Everything Including Having A Small Johnson – Part 3

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In addition to his small johnson, or maybe I should say in subtraction of his small johnson, Mr. Bale went postal in 2009 on the set of Terminator Salvation. I’ve no recollection of this film, probably because I was in the midst of chemotherapy, but I presume it is a movie of distinction.

Seems that the Director of Photography walked around on the set while Christian was filming a scene. This distracted him and I must say that I am on Christian’s side in this. I’m not an actor but I am a creative artist and it takes a lot of focus to employ your talent to the maximum. So all humor aside, it really was rude and unprofessional for the Director of Photography to walk around on the set.

Said Christian:

Am I going to walk around and rip your f—ing lights down, in the middle of a scene? Then why the f— are you walking right through? Ah da da dah, like this in the background.

One blogger actually counted and said Bale used the F word and its variations 80 times in less than 4 minutes. I don’t have the time or interest to do that, of course, but if you want to listen to the whole thing, which I did for reasons of journalistic integrity, then you will find Mr. Bale’s rant below (real audio, fake footage):

[Sources: Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman by Harrison Cheung and Nicola Pittam, the Huffington Post, and Youtube.]

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