Sinking of HMS Antelope

/Sinking of HMS Antelope

Sinking of HMS Antelope

Neil Wilkinson, a sailor aboard HMS Invincible, writes this on the website Yellow Airplane:

Yellow Airplane
I think one of the most heart breaking sights for me, was sitting in my gun watching HMS Antelope explode! That then brought it all home to us and it was a very tearful moment, watching one of your own ships explode, when hours earlier it had sailed past us.

We lost many ships and many good men, but so did they too. War is not just about two or three nations going on a battle field and killing each other, people seem to forget the aftermath and the people who have lost loved ones, the younger generation (although taught it in schools) don’t fully appreciate what the armed forces of the world achieve.

HMS Antelope in the waters off San Carlos. Smoke is rising from a bomb strike just made on the ship.

British frigate HMS Antelope in flames before sinking. The Royal Navy lost two frigates and two destroyers in the Falklands War along with ten aircraft.

Royal Navy frigate HMS Antelope going under after being hit by Argentinian bombs.

[Source: Yellow Airplane Image courtesy of Wikipedia, Yellow Airplane, and Yellow Airplane.]

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