Compassion, Lack of – Part 2

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Courage is a word which is overused. But Justice Reichback of the New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, has the courage of a lion. Although a sitting judge, he has admitted to the entire world that he is committing a crime — the crime of smoking marijuana so he might have a chance to live. For this admission, he can, at the very least, be removed from the bench, at worst, he can be arrested, prosecuted, and sent to jail. Yet with a medical marijuana bill before the New York State Legislature, he felt he could not remain silent, knowing his statement alone could tip the balance. (The bill was voted down last year.)

He also found the courage to call out the opponents of medical marijuana for what they are: “barbaric.” And they are.

While the article itself is painful to read, I urge you to do so.

[Source: New York Times.]

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