Christian Bale Almost Loses the Lead Role as Serial Killer in American Psycho to Leo

Apparently, Leo DiCaprio wanted to star as Patrick Bateman, the serial killer in American Psycho. Unfortunately, it had already been announced that Christian Bale had been cast as the lead. But hey, Leo DiCaprio is a global movie star and can get whatever part he wants. So Bale got the hook and was outraged.

Supposedly, Gloria Steinem talked Leo out of playing the role, fearing his teenage fans might commit copycat murders — which seems a stretch to me.

Now follow me here. According to IMDB, production dates of the movie American Psycho were 28 February 1999 – 23 April 1999. Now get this, during that time, Gloria Steinem was in a relationship with Christian Bale’s father, David Bale, whom she later married in 2000. From then, until David Bale’s tragic death from cancer in 2003, Gloria Steinem was technically Christian Bale’s stepmother! I’m not suggesting anything untoward but this is all very weird to think about.

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