Buried Treasure In Burma: Squadron of Lost WWII Spitfires to be Exhumed

Yar — it’s buried PILOT treasure!

Like a treasure chest stuffed with priceless booty, as many as 20 World War II-era Spitfire planes are perfectly preserved, buried in crates beneath Burma – and after 67 years underground, they’re set to be uncovered.

My brother, Will, sent me this story from Fox News. Seems that twenty RAF Spitfires were shipped to Burma toward the end of the war. They weren’t needed so rather than ship them back to Great Britain when the war ended, the Royal Air Force officers in Burma decided to bury them. The planes had been disassembled, wrapped with all sorts of water proofing and weather proofing material, then crated before being loaded aboard a freighter. The RAF didn’t unpack them so they are thought to be in pristine condition.

[Source: Fox News.]

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