Poisoned Darts and Dyak Trackers – Part 2

/Poisoned Darts and Dyak Trackers – Part 2

Poisoned Darts and Dyak Trackers – Part 2

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Back to the Dyaks. Seems they are quite good at making and using poison darts on people. Several Dyaks, including their top man, Saradin, were on patrol with a mixed British and Malaysian unit hunting Communist leaders in Malaysia rumored to meeting in the deep jungle. And they were. The troopers crept close to the dwelling and could hear their prey talking. However, they could not get closer because there was a Communist sentry standing guard.

Quoting from War of the Running Dogs:

…with the swift silent movements of the jungle hunter, Saradin, plucked a poisoned arrow from his quiver, inserted it, raised the long blowpipe to his mouth, and the next instant the sentry’s knees seemed to buckle and without a sound he crumpled to the ground.

There is a sentence in the book which expresses British imperturbability at its best:

In the event of this train being fired on, please lie on the floor.

[Source: War of the Running Dogs: Malaya, 1948-1960 by Noel Barber.]

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