Specifications of DC-3 vs C-47

/Specifications of DC-3 vs C-47

Specifications of DC-3 vs C-47

According to the history section of Boeing (which acquired the legacy corporation which had merged with the Douglas Aircraft Company), only 455 DC-3 commercial aircraft were actually built for the airlines. After making requested modifications to the DC-3 design, a further 10,174 aircraft were produced for the armed forces as the C-47 military transports during World War II.

The design specifications are slightly different as you will see in the chart below:

DC-3 C-47
Wingspan 95 feet 95 feet 6 inches
Length 64 feet 5.5 inches 63 feet 9 inches
Height 16 feet 3.6 inches 17 feet
Ceiling 20,800 feet 24,000 feet
Range 1,495 miles 1,600 miles
Weight 30,000 pounds 31,000 pounds
Power Plant 2 1,200 horsepower Wright Cyclone radial engines 2 1,200 horsepower Wright Cyclone radial engines
Speed 192 mph 160 mph
Accomodation 14 sleeper passengers, 21-28 day passengers, or 3,725-4,500 pounds freight 14 stretcher patients with 3 attendants, 28 airborne troops, or 6,000 pounds freight
Crew 3 3

[Source: Boeing]

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