I Remember the Day John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated – Part 6

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One of the immediate fears in the minutes and hours after Kennedy was assassinated was that all leaders of the national government might be in danger. Vice President Lyndon Johnson, known as LBJ, who was from Texas, was whisked to the Texas Governor’s Mansion in Austin which had been surrounded by local and state police and FBI and Secret Service. It was an armed camp. No one knew what was going on. Speculation was rife and people were very, very afraid. The date was 22 November 1963 and the New York Stock Exchange closed for the first time since the victory celebration for World War Two.

The next time it closed was on 30 March 1981 when President Reagan was shot. It is incredibly disturbing to the nation and the world when something happens to the President. I know this because I have lived through these incidents as well as the attempts of President Ford’s life.

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