Thank you, New Canaan! To Everyone: I Am Available for Speaking

I spoke to the Senior Men’s Group of New Canaan, CT on Friday, 17 February. A friend arranged this and it was a lot of fun. There were at least one hundred men in attendance and a number of them had fought in World War Two. While I focused my talk on the Battle of the Atlantic, the questions from the audience covered the entire spectrum of the U-Boat war and it was quite an intellectual workout. The men asked questions for almost forty minutes before the presiding officer ended the question period. The audience was so interested in this subject I think they would have asked questions for another few hours and I would have been happy to have stayed. I sold a number of books afterwards and then the President of the group and several of the officers took me to lunch with my friend who set it all up, Connecticut State Representative John Hetherington. Thank you, John. All in all a wonderful experience and a most hospitable group.

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