Sinks Japanese Battleship

//Sinks Japanese Battleship

Sinks Japanese Battleship

One of the men at my talk in New Canaan last Friday was Nick Fellner, Lt. Commander, USNR (ret). During World War Two, Mr. Fellner was a US Navy dive bomber pilot and fought in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. He was one of the handful of American dive bomber pilots who crippled and sank the Imperial Japanese battleship Musashi, a sister ship of the Yamato, these two battleships being the largest ever constructed. To give you an idea of her massive size, Musashi‘s main battery consisted of nine 18.1 in naval guns — these being the largest caliber of naval guns ever placed on a warship by any nation. I hope to interview Mr. Fellner for my blog at a later date.



(24 October 1944) Task Force 38 aircraft attack the Japanese battleship Musashi (foreground) and a destroyer in the Sibuyan Sea during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

[Source: The World’s Great Battleships by Robert C. Jackson. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.]

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