Last Survivor from Führer Bunker Still Alive – Part 1

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Rochus Misch is the last man standing of all the men and women who were in the Führerbunker in the last days of the Third Reich. Misch operated the telephone switchboard for the bunker and was the second to last person to leave the underground shelter before the Soviets found it. He held the rank of Oberscharführer (Sergeant First Class) in the SS during World War II. As of early January 2012, Misch is still alive at age 94 although he has terminal cancer. In 2011 he gave his last interview to the press which ran in the Daily Express (UK) on 15 May 2011. The most curious fact I came across in the interview was this: “Hitler’s telephone number at the Reich Chancellery was 12 00 50,” he says.”

[Source: Daily Express.]

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