Everyone Loves A Lord, Even Hitler Who Professed to Hate the Aristocracy

Hitler’s eagerness to obtain the good graces of the princes present was subject to much comment. He bowed and clicked and all but knelt in his zeal to please oversized, ugly Princess Luise von Sachsen Meiningen, her brother, Prince George, and their sister, Grand Duchess of Sachsen Weimar. Beaming in his servile attitude, he dashed personally to bring the princesses’ refreshments from the buffet. He almost slid off the edge of chair after they offered him a seat in their most gracious company.

Bella Fromm, diplomatic correspondent for the Ullstein Press, in her memoir Blood and Banquets (three stars), describing Hitler at a reception in 1933 shortly after he became Chancellor of Germany.

[Source: Blood & Banquets: A Berlin Social Diary by Bella Fromm.]

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