Mush Morton Relaxed by Sewing

/Mush Morton Relaxed by Sewing

Mush Morton Relaxed by Sewing

Mush Morton had the indefinable ability to inspire other men to great acts of courage in war and the rare ability to know when to push the envelope and when to back off. He was the kind of leader men would follow anywhere. Yet even a warrior as fierce as Dudley Morton has to be able to relax, indeed, must be able to relax and allow his mind to focus on something beyond war. Morton found his relaxation in sewing, of all things. That’s right. He liked to sew.

Wrote Richard O’Kane, then executive officer of the USS Wahoo:

With uninterrupted cruising (they were returning to Pearl) the captain was able to get with his project of sewing on new rating badges, watch marks, and chevrons for his troops. He had performed minor mending to skivvies and such, but few had expected that those great hands could sew with the speed and dexterity of an accomplished seamstress. A few of us were not surprised, for he had shown us his intricate needlework, which I believe would have taken ribbons in any state fair.

[Source: Wahoo: The Patrols of America’s Most Famous World War II Submarine by Richard H. O’Kane (three stars).]

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