Who Cares What You Think?

/Who Cares What You Think?

Who Cares What You Think?

Hitler to Colonel-General Heinz Guderian:

There’s no need for you to try and teach me. I’ve studied Clausewitz and Moltke and read all the Schlieffen papers. I’m more in the picture than you are.

Maybe. Maybe Not. Guderian entered the Prussian Army in 1907 and was a career soldier with a long and distinguished record. Based on the theories of British strategist JFC Fuller, Guderian developed the broad strategy outline of the German blitzkrieg which still forms the basis of the offensive doctrine of Western Armies today. He outlined all of this in his book, Achtung Panzer!

(Source: The Second World War, 1939-45: A Strategical And Tactical History by JFC Fuller)

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