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Tad found a great collection of Nazi Propaganda that has been collected by a college professor in Michigan, Randall Bytwerk. I’ve shown plenty of WW2 propaganda posters but the majority have been from the Allied side of the war and I’m using this opportunity to showcase the types of propaganda used by the Germans and will be highlighting some of these posters over the next few months.

The radio was the primary means of fast, efficient mass communication in the build-up to and during World War Two. The Nazi party made a concerted effort to promote radio usage amongst Germans as a means of spreading their own message. As the war progressed, control of the information flow became even more important and they attempted to stop Germans from listening to non-approved broadcasts. Here are some of Randall’s posters and comments involving radio use:

The text translates: “All Germany hears the Führer on the People’s Receiver.” The Nazis, eager to encourage radio listenership, developed an inexpensive radio receiver to make it possible for as many as possible to hear Nazi propaganda.

Before World War II began, Germans were allowed to listen to foreign radio broadcasts. This was banned once the war began, and by the end of the war people were executed for listing to enemy radio stations. In this poster, a Marxist looking chap broadcasts from London, Moscow, and other enemy states, while a German listens in the darkness, trying to conceal his crime.

[Images courtesy of Randall Bytwerk at Calvin College.]

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