German Propaganda Posters – Kinderlandverschickung

When the Allied bombing campaign of Germany began in earnest in the fall of 1940, the Nazi party orchestrated a program known as Kinderlandverschickung. This program encouraged mothers to send their children to locations that were considered safe and away from potential bombing targets.

From the collection of Professor Randall Bytwerk of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. Commentary is also by Professor Bytwerk.


This poster dates from 1942-1943. Allied bombing of German cities had increased to the level that children in cities were being sent to the countryside for safety. The German term Kinderlandverschickung translates as “sending children to the countryside.” The poster encourages parents to register their children aged 3-14 for the program, which was not compulsory.


This 1944 poster is on the same theme. The text: “The air terror continues. Mothers, send your children to safety!”

[Images courtesy of Randall Bytwerk at Calvin College.]

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