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I rarely place links on my blog to the unusual stories posted on the net everyday. I presume my readers don’t come to my blog for that kind of thing. But I read this a few weeks back, thought about it for awhile, and then decided it was just too damn funny not to post.


Meet the College Chancellor with a Suburban Sex Dungeon

Last week, immigration officials raided the University of Northern Virginia, a for-profit college that was recently the subject of a report on student visa scams. Is there anything that could possibly make this boring story about immigration loopholes and higher education interesting?

How about pictures of University of Northern Virginia’s “chancellor/CEO” David Lee’s suburban sex dungeon and bondage racks, and text from his online ads seeking a polyamorous sex slave? Sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with Lee’s job, legal woes, or alleged immigration profiteering, but c’mon, 64-year-old suburban sex dungeon master….

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