German Propaganda Posters – Antibolshevist Recruiting

Tad found a great collection of Nazi Propaganda that has been collected by a college professor in Michigan, Randall Bytwerk. I’ve shown plenty of WW2 propaganda posters but the majority have been from the Allied side of the war and I’m using this opportunity to showcase the types of propaganda used by the Germans and will be highlighting some of these posters over the next few months.

In an effort to promote the Nazi Party’s campaign against other peoples and ideologies, the Reich’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda created posters in an attempt to sway public opinion. One series of posters sought SS recruitment from outside Germany through antibolshevist fear. Here are some of Randall’s posters and his comments involving antibolshevist recruitment:

This poster, in Ukrainian, translates as: “Stand up to fight Bolshevism in the ranks of the Galicia division.” This is a recruiting poster for an SS division of Ukrainian nationals.

An SS recruiting poster used in the Netherlands: “For your honor and conscience! Against Bolshevism. The Waffen-SS calls you!”

[Images courtesy of Randall Bytwerk at Calvin College.]

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