Berlin Serial Killer Caught!

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At this point I will say that one of the eight men was the killer. The police work had been excellent. But who? Surely it couldn’t be the handsome Aryan, Paul Ogorzow. In addition to being a hard worker, Paul was married and had two children. And he was a wholesome young lad since he belonged to the Nazi Party and was a member of the SA. (The Nazi Party storm troopers or Brown Shirts, most of whom were drunken thugs.)

After an initial interview, the police struck Paul off their list of suspects. It couldn’t be him. Must be a Jew or a foreign laborer. Not a good, hardworking German Aryan and Party Member. But the Kripo kept digging and presumably some of the investigators were not swayed by propaganda. In the course of checking the stories of their eight suspects, they learned from his co-workers that Paul Ogorzow was an obnoxious jerk. A misogynist. Sort of lazy.

The police pulled him again and after questioning him at length he confessed. However, he claimed that his predatory behavior toward women had begun when a Jewish doctor, treating him for venereal disease, had given him an experimental drug. The police weren’t convinced. To them, Ogorzow was your standard serial killer. And he was. On 25 July 1941, Paul Ogorzow was executed by guillotine at the notorious Plötzensee prison where most executions in Berlin were carried out.

Berlin Plötzensee Prison.
The Guillotine from Berlin’s Plötzensee Prison.

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