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Tad found a great collection of Nazi Propaganda that has been collected by a college professor in Michigan, Randall Bytwerk. I’ve shown plenty of WW2 propaganda posters but the majority have been from the Allied side of the war and I’m using this opportunity to showcase the types of propaganda used by the Germans and will be highlighting some of these posters over the next few months.

During World War Two and its build up, Germany was never self-sufficient in food production and relied upon imports to feed all of its citizens. Knowing this required the Nazi Party to place an emphasis on agriculture to help the country survive during the war. This also led to actions during the war including the ‘Hunger Plan’ (which supplemented the natural food production of Germany with food taken systematically from Eastern Europe for use in Germany in such quantities to cause famine and starvation in Eastern Europe). Here are some of Randall’s posters and comments promoting agriculture:

A 1933 poster announcing an agricultural fair. It’s eight months after Hitler took power, and the Swastika is showing up everywhere.

This poster, of which I only have a black & white version, was issued for the 1936 National Farming Rally, rather a Nuremberg rally for agriculture. The poster takes note of the major anti-Bolshevist campaign then in progress, evident from the Soviet star in the upper right.

A 1937 poster announcing an agricultural fair in Kiel.

This poster dates to early in the war. A farmer smashes the blockade. The Allied blockade of Germany during World War I had seriously hurt the war effort. The poster claims that Germany’s food supply is secure in the new war. The text: “Farmer! You are a soldier in the battle of production.”

[Images courtesy of Randall Bytwerk at Calvin College.]

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