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Tad found a great collection of Nazi Propaganda that has been collected by a college professor in Michigan, Randall Bytwerk. I’ve shown plenty of WW2 propaganda posters but the majority have been from the Allied side of the war and I’m using this opportunity to showcase the types of propaganda used by the Germans and will be highlighting some of these posters over the next few months.

The Nazi Party issued a variety of propaganda posters that urged support for the German military due to the certainty of their victory. Here are some of Randall’s posters and comments regarding that issue:

I’d guess this one is from the mid-1930’s. The caption: “Through military will to military strength.”

The caption of this 1940 poster translates: “Victory is with our Flags.” 650,000 copies were distributed.

A Mjölnir poster is also from around May 1942. The caption: “One battle, one will, one goal: Victory at any cost!” The poster is by “Mjölnir,” Goebbels’ artist from Berlin, whose real name was Hans Schweitzer (1901-1980), and the theme is a takeoff on one of his pre-1933 posters. Hans Schweitzer survived the war and had a successful career as a graphic artist after 1945, though I doubt he used his pen name…

This poster is 1942 or after, since one soldier is wearing a decoration first issued in 1942. The text translates as: “Infantry: The Queen of the Services.”

30 January 1943 was the 10th anniversary of the Nazi seizure of power. This poster suggests that the 1943 battle against the world is the continuation of the battle that led to Nazi victory in 1933. The caption: “30 January 1933-1943. One Battle! One Victory!” The theme is a takeoff on one of Mjölnir’s pre-1933 posters. This poster was withdawn after Stalingrad.

This fall 1944 poster is by Mjölnir. The Volksturm was the Nazi attempt to call on the last reserves. Those too young or too old for regular military service were called into service. The caption translates as “For freedom and life.”

The text reads: “Unshakable, determined to fight, certain of victory!”

[Images courtesy of Randall Bytwerk at Calvin College.]

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