History Biscuits: Bite Sized Pieces of Knowledge

Forty-eight US states are divided into counties. Alaska is divided into boroughs and census tracts. Louisiana is divided into sixty-four parishes which are analogous to counties in other states. The governing body of most parishes is known as the “Police Jury”, a curious name but one certainly more colorful than “County Commission.”

On 26 August 1942 Haile Selassie I issued a proclamation outlawing slavery.The total number of slaves in early 20th century Ethiopia is estimated at between two and four million in a total population of about eleven million.

The United States is the only major country in the world which still uses the “English System” of weights and measures which is so convoluted even the English don’t use it anymore.

When you enter the squiggled letters and numbers into a box on a form on the internet you are solving a CAPTCHA which is an acronym for: “Completely Automated Public “Turing Test” To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.” Alan Turing, the British math genius and founder of the computer age, predicated over seventy years ago that in the future we would need a way to tell computers and humans apart. He devised the Turing test to accomplish this.

Hitler had a bowling alley installed in Berchtesgaden, his mountain home in Austria.

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