Holidays on the Home Front

In the final post for this year’s holidays, here are some images of the holidays as celebrated on the home front.

December 1940, UK — A young girls sleeps under Christmas decorations and stockings stuffed with treats in 1940. Santa Claus has visited this British home, but World War II means Christmas must be celebrated in a bomb shelter.
08 Jan 1946, Frankfort, Germany — In their one room home in a Frankfort cellar, this German family celebrates Christmas with tree and trimmings. Ornaments survived where buildings didn’t.
Christmas 1944 — a crowd of shoppers pauses to watch Santa in the window of W. G. Swartz Co.
During World War II, Norfolk’s Fairfax Hotel became the “U.S.S. Fairfax” Residential Club. Here, gifts are handed out at a Christmas party in 1944.
The Last Round Up…23rd December 1944: Land girls on an Essex turkey farm round up the turkeys for the last time. These turkeys are bound for a London market and then Christmas Dinner.
Children at the Sweet Shop at Christmas during World War Two

[Images courtesy of the Corbis Images and Getty Images.]

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