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Here are a collection of Holiday Cards from World War Two. One can see how the war effort became involved in all aspects of life on the Home Front. One can see from the third card that American propaganda directed towards the Japanese was very distinctive along racial lines and regularly put down the Japanese as a race showing them to be inferior. This propaganda leaked into all aspects of life on the Home Front and despite the tremendous heroism demonstrated by the US units consisting of Japanese troops fighting in Italy, lasted long after the war ended.

Christmas Greetings to an Army Man
A greeting for Christmas and every good wish
For Luck in the coming New Year
It’s swell for the Army to hand men like you …
But Golly!
You’re missed around here!

You’ve left your soft bed of civilian life …
For a Bugle that keeps you yawning –
But go back to sleep …
It’s the bugler’s mistake,
He forgot – It’s Christmas Morning!
Season’s Greetings!!
Here’s my Christmas Present for you pal!

Merry Christmas, Pal,
Let’s see what the New Year brings…
Merry Christmas Pal
Let’s see what the New Year brings…
Cuz where you’re going – You’re apt to get
A brand new slant on things!
I know you’ll have a “Hot Time” this Christmas!
Good Luck!!!

Christmas Greetings to one in the Service
A Christmas chat with you Dear Pal
Would surely do me good
I miss you but I’m proud of you
That much is understood!

And even though this Christmas Time
May find us two apart,
I’ll still be wishing you the best,
Old Pal, with all my heart!

[Images courtesy of Skylighters.]

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