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After much work, Amazing Adrienne, Terrific Tad, and I have upgraded my site to incorporate some changes that we wanted to make and some changes that people have asked us about.

First, we’ve widened the entire site by a good amount. Our initial concern was to make sure that the site would appear consistent across a wide variety of monitor sizes but I’ve come to realize that many great aspects of the world can best be explored with pictures and widening the site allows us to post larger and more detailed images. This will also give Tad a great flexibility with the layout of the posts.

Second, I’ve been asked how to find all of my book reviews in one spot. Tad and I had anticipated this issue from the start and began compiling them all into the aptly named ‘Book Reviews‘ section of the site. This has been updated to include the first ~125 book reviews that I’ve done. Each of the books has either my written review, my video review, or both as well as a rating on a 5 star scale of the value I give to the book. You can also then click through from the book review section to Amazon to pick up the book for yourself if you find yourself intrigued. This will be updated again later this fall but I wanted to get the first incarnation out there.

Some of you will probably say “Charles, I’ve seen the Book Reviews section of the site already and it’s been there forever!” To that I’ll respond, “Well you’re special and not everyone has been so blessed.”

Finally, we’ve finished a lot of little bits that were still in the works including adding the video footage of one of my book readings, updating the menu, updating the footer, and updating the sidebar functions.

Feel free to provide feedback if you’re so moved.


At the urging of Tad, we’re going to run another little contest here to kick off the site semi-redesign. Some of you may have heard about this from my e-mail blast and if so, you can stop paying attention right now.

I recently picked up some extra copies of a few books because I forgot that I had them already and now want to find a good home for them. The two books are U-Boats At War: Landings on Hostile Shores by Jak P. Mallmann Showell and German S-Boats In Action In The Second World War by Hans Frank. The way you can win these books is by telling your friends about the blog. Simple enough. To prove it, have one of your friends send an email to providing your first and last name. Then you need to send me an email at the same address telling me your name and which book you prefer. We’ll pick two winners randomly. If both winners want the same book, we’ll give the preference to the person who has had the most friends email me. Lastly, we’ll choose the winners on September October 23rd who we will contact shortly thereafter.

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