The Lovely Goebbels’ Family Murdered by Their Mother


Hitler acting as best man to his old pal, Joseph Goebbels, a revolting lickspittle of a man who served as Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment in the Third Reich.

After their sacred union, Magda and Joseph did not have a storybook relationship. In a letter to a friend some years into her marriage Magda referred to her loving husband, Joseph, as a “Devil in human form.” Around that same time Joseph said of his loving wife, she is “so cold…hard and cruel.” Joseph believed that a woman’s duty was “to be pretty and bring children into the world.” And then shut-up about everything else.

In the years to come, Goebbels had one young actress after another on his casting couch since he controlled all films made in the Reich. Because of Goebbels many affairs, Alfred Rosenberg, the so called racial theorist of Nazism, described Goebbels as “the greatest moral burden on national socialism.” That’s strange. One would have thought it would be genocide.

In the press Magda and Joseph were always shown as a charming adorable couple, a true representation of married bliss in the Third Reich with its constant emphasis on “family values” – which including ratting out your siblings and parents if they said something against the Führer. In the first years of the war, Goebbels fell in love with another woman and wanted to divorce Magda. Hitler was fond of Magda, in fact she was one of his very close friends, and insisted they stay together and that Goebbels drop his mistress, which he very reluctantly did.


Joseph, Magda, and their children. All six children had first names beginning with ‘H’ in honor of Hitler. Loving mother that she was, she murdered all six children on 1 May 1945 with the help of Dr. Stumpfegger of the SS so the children would not have to live in a world without national socialism. This in spite of a number of offers from others in the bunker to take the children. After murdering her children, she and Joseph committed suicide, the only good thing either of them ever did in their evil and pathetic lives.

The blonde youth standing in back of the group wearing a Luftwaffe uniform is Harald Quandt, Magda’s son by her first marriage to Günther Quandt, a brilliant German industrialist whose heirs own BMW among other assets. Harald was wounded and captured by the Allies in Italy in 1944 and released from captivity in 1947. He immediately went to work for his father rebuilding the Quandt family empire which continues to thrive. The Quandt family is one of the wealthiest families in Germany although there remains that awkward business about the slave labor they used during the war.

Magda, Joseph, three of their children, and Uncle Adolf.

“Goebbels represents the amount of nonsense a man can speak in an hour.”
-Adolf Hitler

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