SIGNAL: The Life Magazine of Nazi Germany

Signal, a magazine produced by the Propaganda Ministry in the Third Reich and modeled on the very popular American publication, Life Magazine, was published from April 1940 through May of 1945. This was a major propaganda effort by the Nazis and the scope of it is revealed in these statistics from the website of Signal researcher and scholar, Andrew Zoller.

Signal was published monthly in 30 languages at its peak, including English.

At its peak 32,000 news vendors in 20,000 towns and cities sold Signal.

Peak circulation of 2,426,000 copies came in May 1943.

Estimated that almost 160,000,000 copies were printed in the years of its existence.

Signal Magazine in Portuguese
Depicting the takeover of all Europe by the Soviet Union
Signal Magazine in Russian
Kommodore Johnsen 4-masted steel barque
Signal Magazine in Portuguese
Signal Magazine from 1944
Signal Magazine from 1940
Signal Magazine in French
Signal Magazine from 1943

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  1. Lots of organizations in the Third Reich produced publications of every sort. Through late 1944 the Kriegsmarine produced its own highly sophisticated five color magazine. Signal was produced by the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment and like all of their publications was written by professional journalists and illustrated by professional artists and photographers. It was quite sophisticated. Life Magazine of the time was printed on glossy paper so I presume the Germans must have suffered from a lack of that because Signal was printed on newsprint.

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