Please Take Your Land Mines With You When the War Is Over

Land mines from World War Two still pose a danger in many areas of the world. Few of us, including me, even know it is a problem. Besides, World War Two ended in the summer of 1945 – almost fifty-five years ago for Pete’s sake. I know there are problems with unexploded munitions of all types in Europe but not in other places.

So I was very surprised last week when I came across an article written in 2008 and published in Der Spiegel which described the discovery of large oil and gas fields in a remote part of the Egyptian desert. Great. Awesome. Go get it and maybe we can stop sending Egypt so much foreign aid. But they can’t move heavy equipment or personnel to drill for oil because the entire area is still planted with millions of land mines from World War Two. Unfortunately, the exact areas where they want to drill are in the exact areas where major battles were fought between the Deutsche Afrika Korps and the British 8th Army and hence have the largest concentration of mines.

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