I Couldn’t Make It Up – Unusual Situations of World War Two

January 1945: In a small offensive after the Battle of the Bulge, a handful of German divisions attacked Allied lines in the Vosges Mountains of France. One of the German units, 6. SS Mountain Division, had been withdrawn from the Soviet Union to fight in this offensive and few of the men had fought in the West. Wolf T. Zoepf, a sergeant in the in the 13th Company wrote in his memoirs, Seven Days In January, “Someone from the American side called out in passable German, proposing a ten-minute cease fire to care for the wounded. Schutze (his CO) agreed at once. The medics met in “No Man’s Land,” and evacuated the wounded to their respective sides. We were stunned. No event could have illustrated more clearly the difference between fighting the Americans and fighting the Russians, to whom such a truce would have been inconceivable.”

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