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Churchill graduated from the British Royal Military at Sandhurst and in 1895 was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Queens Own Hussars (heavy cavalry).

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  1. great addition to the factoid. It is odd or amusing or whatever to read biographies of the guy and find out how he would just sort of attach himself to various campaign staffs even if they weren’t even keen on having him and then when the action started, like at Omdurman, I don’t think he was there with his regiment was he? I think he just saw a friend and asked if he could charge with them, of course old boy, they said and then he almost got killed. As you know from all your reading Omdurman was not the last cavalry charge made by the British Army. Since you have read more than anyone I know, have you ever read any of Churchill’s early books like the River War or whatever? I never have. I’m curious what you think.

  2. The British allowed their officer corps to move about quite freely. In spite of being on the rolls of the 4th Queen’s Own, Churchill was able to attach himself to various other staffs as he sought to participate in actions. He also took frequent LOAs to participate in various sonflicts as a newspaper correspondent. He actually saw more combat as a reporter than as an officer participant,

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