Buy Your Own Submarine (Which is Much Better Than A German U-Boat)

Submarines are so fascinating to people that at least one company, U.S. Submarines, Inc., actually builds submarines for wealthy individuals.

(I have no connection with this company. I do not know anyone who works there. I do not have a financial interest in this company).

This is from their website. If only Dönitz could see this!

U.S. Submarines, Inc Luxury Submarines

At U.S. Submarines we have developed the world’s first personal luxury submarines, capable of taking you and your guests to unseen regions of the deep ocean in perfect comfort and absolute safety. And once there, you are able to view the fascinating denizens of the deep through large, panoramic viewports, while relaxing in an interior replete with luxury and warmth.

Powered on the surface by twin turbocharged marine diesels, all of our luxury submarine models, with the exception of the small Triton 650, have extended surface range and are capable of diving to 305 meters (1000′). Bad weather? Simply close the hatch and dive, cruising effortlessly far below the waves in air conditioned comfort. The submarines’ battery capacity and life support systems allow you to stay submerged for days at a time.

Our submarines are capable of running on the surface with diesel engines, diving for extended periods under battery power, surfacing, and then recharging batteries and high pressure air tanks while underway. The submarines have large acrylic viewports to provide their occupants with spectacular views of the undersea world. These unique personal luxury submarines also possess the qualities of a luxury yacht; an elegant and comfortable interior, a fully equipped galley, and in the larger vessels, luxury staterooms.

They make different models of submarines but it is interesting to note that the performance specifications of their more expensive submarines exceed those of a Type VII German U-Boat.

German U-Boat Type VIIC US Submarines Inc. Phoenix 1000
Displacement (tons) Surfaced: 769
Submerged: 871
Total: 1070
1500 total
Length (meters) Overall: 67.1
Pressure Hull: 50.5
Overall: 65
Beam (meters) Overall: 6.2
Pressure Hull: 4.7
Overall: 8
Pressure Hull: 6.7
Draught (meters) 4.74
Height (meters) 9.6
Power (HP) Surfaced: 3200
Submerged: 750
Surfaced: 2900
Submerged: 990
Speed (knots) Surfaced: 17.7
Submerged: 7.6
Surfaced: 18
Submerged: 10
Range (miles/knots) Surfaced: 8500/10
Submerged: 80/4
Surfaced: 3500/16
Submerged: 287/5
Torpedoes 14
4/1 (bow/stern tubes)
Mines 26 TMA 0
Deck Gun 88/45
220 rounds
Crew 44-52 men Crew: 3
Passengers: varies upon final internal configuration
Max Depth ca. 220 meters
(722 feet)
ca. 305 meters
(1000 feet)

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