Forgotten Facts of the Third Reich

“Heil Schicklgruber!”

This doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Heil Hitler” so it was fortunate for Hitler that his father changed the family name to “Hitler” from Schicklgruber.

Hitler was not a slave to fashion. In fact once the war began, he wore the same uniform of gray jacket, black pants, white shirt, and a black clip-on tie. This, according to his housekeeper, who also darned his socks.

“Adolf looks more like an unemployed hairdresser than a Ceaser.” Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s astrologer. Curiously, he did not foresee that Hitler would have him shot.

Adolf had a deep fear of dentists and between his rotten teeth and his strange diet it could be a struggle to be around him.

“Then he (Hitler) unbuttoned his leather coat and allowed me to take it from him, and at that point I discovered with a shudder that he had very bad breath.”

Hitler also suffered from a most un-dictator like ailment: severe flatulence.

Between his megalomania, bad breath, and constant gas, its no wonder Hitler often awarded decorations to those who worked for him.

Hitler was actually a vegetarian and was abstemious in his personal habits. He did not smoke or drink and he followed a very strict vegetarian diet which doesn’t sound very appetizing:

“He often drank a beverage made from an infusion of cumin.”

“He had an extraordinary passion for linseed oil.”

Facts taken from Voices from the Bunker compiled by Pierre Galante and Bounden Duty: Memoirs of a German Officer by Alexander Stahlsburg.

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